Miscellaneous Extra Stuff :
Thanks to q0 for this link - Original Commerical Subspace Video.

Hide) Guide to Cloaking and General Laming. Thanks to Hide) for the guide!!

Arr Matery Alpha Rap Song. (Warning very explicit lyrics and a few words about alpha!)...

Replacement Minesets

You can replace your subspace mine graphics with these alternative sets which have prox rings. Thanks to Lightbender from Local 107 who found this set for us, which has alpha specific prox rings (created* originally by Bargeld), or you may care to download this version which has a single red ring of the same diameter for all mines.

To use these sets, unzip the mines.bm2 file contained in either version, and pop them into your \continuum\graphics\ folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Continuum\Graphics\). It is wise to rename the current mines.bm2 file to something safe first, like mines.bm2.old or whatever so you can restore them if needed.

* It amused me to hear recently that the Alpha prox rings were created with the initial intent of use in a newbie/learning subarena, and within the 10 days it took to decide against retaining them, they were viral on SSDownloads!

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