April 11 2007
Damage: Credibility reduced
Melbourne Football Club star David Neitz outs himself as a Baron.

From the Herald Sun newspaper, Melbourne, Australia

April 10 2007 - Easter Snaps
That Ain't Even Spanish!

Vector's Birthday Romp
A Benny Hill style flag chase for Vector's birthday.

Too Much Nudity
A visit from the other half. Also note my incorrect choice of testament.

A Time To Fly ... Into Mines
Too busy celebrating ... eyes on the screen!

Fear Of A Black ... ers
Blackers puts the wind up the virus.

I Said Love, I Said Pet
This was especially cleansing :)

Kick The Can
Can and Nude enjoying an exchange of pleasantries.

Nude Tries A Trash-Talk!
This idiot was levelling abuse at Red Lisa so I thought I'd gut him.
Later I ploughed three consecutive ships' bullet streams, the last being this Default feller, who was kind enough to tell me to 'die fagget'.
The moral of this story: I spell my trash-talking better than Default does.

Easter Turrets
High populations encouraged mods to allow 6-person turretting over Easter.
If would have had more 6'er snaps if we could have just stopped dying in roster.

A Fine How Do You Do
Chuvee Falls For The Oooooooold Exchange Of Hellos Trick

Unlikely Alliance
Nude seen collaborating with a CBN (while on different freqs) to put an end to a turrito

Cameltoe Barbie
This bloke got up to 2000 and was about 24-0, but I lost the screenshot :(

Boom Indeed!
405 pick-up

Battle Damaged Alpha
Courtesy Fenrix's "Aussie Haven" Server

3 Hits And A Miss!
Our reputation exceeds us!

2 Minute Nudels
The secret is timing!

When $kippy Attacks
Here is what most AUS$IES wish hey could do to most opposing ships, but tend to achieve all too rarely.

April 5 2007
Happy Birthdays to Velte and Vector!
As I have no screenshots for 'em, I will instead sing them a song.

I'm no good at chatting up and I always get rebuffed
Enough to drive a man to drink, I don't do no washing up
I always leave the stuff piled up, a-piled up in the sink

(But you will always find him in the kitchen at parties)

Me and my girlfriend we argued and she ran away from home
She must have found somebody new and now I'm all alone
Living on my own

What am I supposed to do?

(That's why you'll always find him in kitchen at parties
You will always find him in the kitchen at parties
You will always find him in the kitchen at parties)

Then I met this debutante I said I like new wave rock
She was into French cuisine but I ain't no cordon bleu
This was at some do in palmers green
I had no luck with her

(You will still find him in kitchen at parties
You will still find him in kitchen at parties)

At last I met a pretty girl, she laughed and talked with me
We both walked out of the kitchen and danced in a new way

And now I've done my time in the kitchen at parties
I've done my time in the kitchen at parties

(He's done his time in the kitchen at parties
He's done his time in the kitchen at parties
He's done his time in the kitchen at parties
He's done his time in the kitchen at parties)

April 4 2007
My suggestion for a tee shirt image :

April 3 2007
Got a USB hub! Back to posting shit on the internet!
For example, whoever said Chaosians couldn't be artistic?

Attention Alpha mods ... please attend to the below :

Hey Re-Tarred: Hi five! :)

More alpha ghost town issues and the likely cause.

Just in case you think I never ever kill anyone.
I made these fake images to hopefully convince you otherwise.

Its never all plain sailing tho!

Funniest trash-talking I've seen in a while. Mad brushing up on his Spanish as quickly as he could, and flow factory ( a friendly guy from Puerto Rico) making the most of what is probably his first big bty kill. This is what Alpha's all about - good natured ribbing, and good natured exploding :)

April 2 2007
Got my missus a laptop MacBook ... dunno if you can run SS on a Mac, but if you can ... I wanna duel her grrrr :)
(She won't play it though she don't like hyper games ... kind of know what she means too)

This has created a problem though, I needed a USB port on the PC to get the Mac onto the net.
Which means not enuff ports left for a Flash Drive, and that means I can't take screenies to work to add to this site
Shame because I was getting lots of grouse pics recently :)
Will be getting a USB hub soon methinks.

Just want to let yers know that my W/L is still far better in Chaos than it is in Alpha.
There's just something nice about typing that in :-)
Its mainly due to Chaos' newish map which has a lot of sprayable spots

March 28 2007
An example of signing before reading the fine print

Surgical removal of a tumour from Can's turret


An example of a bad day for public arena!

March 27 2007

Blackers Dives Feet First Into The 20th Century
Received today (March 27) from the AUS$IES mailbot :

This is an automated e-mail to let you know that the AUS$IES webpage has been updated.

OK - so it's not that automated, I have to do stuff.. but a bit automated.



Mad As A Cut Snake!

March 26 2007 (and earlier)

Sure set myself up for this one!

How Long Have You Played Subspace, Really?

Sheep Kills Anti-Semite!
Everybody knows I love to tackle intolerant chat while playing ... what the newcomers who love to bag me don't know, is that I'm actually quite crappy. Which means they are blind to half of the humiliation due them when something like this happens (sorry the player list is obscuring his first couple of embarassing calls, and I'm the grazing sheep, on my way to a baa mitzvaa, and he is Paul Monaghan, on the way out) :

PS: I reported the name of sudden appearance 'jew killer' and the name doesn't appear any more :)

This isn't particularly entertaining save for the sudden silence of B1 as soon as I cut to the chase :)

Smooth On Centre Stage!
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

I stand with great pleasure and no little dizziness here in front of you all today, humbled by the honour of presenting a glorious new composition from an unlikely source.

Most would be aware of smooth chested whore, who often makes a sudden impact out of nowhere, proves a fair challenge on the field, then disappears again ina blaze of wtf.

Many think of him as a coldhearted predator of the zone, able to flit noiselessly and effortlessly around the arena by way of his biogenomically enhanced aerodynamic shape. But few have spent the time to study this rare and startling creature.If we did, we would see that there is more to the whore than meets the eye. Rather than a coldhearted killer, smooth is just another piece in the jigsaw of alpha, he has his good days, and his bad days.

Obviously his good days are of no interest to us. But his bad days are a pleasure to behold! Here I present to you, "Smooth, the Opera".

Applause! Bravo! Encore!

Standing ovation!

Don't Feed The Animals!
I was wandering out towards the south-east one day when I saw z.b+ jousting with chuvee, z was on my freq and I thought I duck in and help out. At that moment, chuvee's foot slipped and he stepped for a moment too long into a prima container. Z jumped at the opportunity and bricked him in.

Not to want to feel unhelpful, I threw on antiwarp and stood outside the box, preparing to strafe and see if any bullets got in. But Z was less discrete, flying straight into the prima box and ... getting slaughtered by chuvee! :) (actual slaughter not quite caught on tape).

The moral of this story? If you put something in a cage, its probably not gonna be all lovey-dovey toward you. In fact, if you get too close ... well ... it just reminded me of this! :


Not when they run out they ain't!

No-one noticed my big kill 'cause Ori had filled the screen with complaints about lag

desperate rep and follow-up bomb ftw :)

BlackSpathi wanted me to take a screenshot :

Caught streaking (well I AM nude)!

A kill, a trashtalk and a reward all in one :

Put this on your blog bwahaha!