December 25, 2006 - Merry Christmas! :

It's that jolly green and red time of year again - I'll take this opportunity to wish all members of AUS$IES all the best for a safe and happy Christmas and 2007. Don't forget, if you are online at 7am Sydney Time Tuesday, there is some sort of Christmas gift happening in Alpha. If I'm not there, please take some screenshots for me!

It was good to see our old mate BigDoug back in Alpha last week - and he didn't let us down with any namby pamby pillow talk either..

Fake Aussie!!! Watch out for Cowabonga Kid, sporting his shiny new Aussie banner around the place - his ping is faster than Dik heading for the dunny when it's his shout - so give the Kid some of your good old outback hospitality next time your see him! (You know what they say about flattery and imitation...)

Well, that's all for this Christmas Day, hopefully I'll have some word of the Christmas happenings to post shortly..

EDIT: "Some Adult Assembly Required" really means "FFS - Don't Plan on Doing Anything Else That Day"...


December 17, 2006 - Oh What Fun, It Is To Run... :

Well, there really hasn't been a lot of news of late - I haven't been able to play as much as I would like, but still enjoy catching up with the lads when I'm in Alpha! Firstly, a big formal welcome to Fenrix who joined last month.. The shoutbox contained news of his arrival, however it's nice to recognise new members here as well. Fenrix is from Melbourne, and no doubt drinks at the same pub as Nude!

You will have noticed the Christmas graphics package in Alpha - Snowballs and all. I was in Chaos the other day and the "regular" graphics looked downright odd! The festive look and feel will be in Alpha until New Years Day. Also, there will be a Christmas Gift on Christmas Day, USA PST 12pm (noon) in Alpha for all non-spec players. I have no idea what that is, but I guess if you're on-line Tuesday 26th at 7.00am Tuesday (VIC/NSW/QLD/TAS/ACT) 6.30am (SA/NT) or 5am (WA) then you'll find out! I'm not sure at 5am my time that I'll be joining you, but we'll see what the hangover is like! Unless I screwed up the times, in which case, Merry Christmas from Blackers...

PsyOps has a Pacman arena under construction in Alpha. I know Hagen and Dik have played it a bit - if you want to try it on for size, type ?go pacman and run anti-warp so Hagen doesn't warp out just when you think you have him! A big Aussie "onya" to the guys who put the time in to write and run the bots that make the sub-arena's possible.

Bezwar and cmon i sux are off on holiday - Bez is in Europe on his honeymoon (I think he took his wife along..), and Sux is over east for a couple. Have a great holiday guys - Bez has promised to post news of his adventures (ok, just the sightseeing parts!) on our Forums, so be sure to check them out now and then.

Still a few screenshots to put up, and a few other additions - but I'll get there sooner or later (ok it's going to be later..) I'm sure there will be a Christmas edition shortly anyway!


November 24, 2006 - Happy Birthday to Blackers! :

Well, there's naff all news - except I have some updates to some of the pages to do, when I get off my arse that is. Don't hold your breath! But the items worth mentioning is that today is my Birthday!! And it's a big one - a new number in the front.. God that hurts. Alot... Anyway - if any of you need a hand wrapping my presents, let me know..

No really - that's it.. This is all I got... Move along!


November 14, 2006 - Use The Forum, Luke :

I've been looking for some dedicated hosting for this site, which didn't cost a fortune. Dik, being the cheap-arse that he is, had found a great deal at 3iX (which we both think is too good to be true) for his Urban Golf Australia site. I guess if you are reading this, then our contributions to the new host has kept them liquid for a few more days! Seriously though - they have unbeatable plans, and the speed seems good!

But on to the exciting part - as the new host supports a plethora of extensions and scripts, we now have Forums! I will put a more prominent link on this page soon, but as I spent a bunch of time last night setting up the new hosting - just make your way over and post to your little Aussie hearts out!!

I have a few items of interest, but will edit this news later with them..


November 4, 2006 - F.B.T. (And that's not anything to do with Tax!) :

Bezwar and I were onboard thismorning for the biggest turret I've seen! I was in from the start, killed at 545, disconnected at 219 then finally the weight of a 5000 odd bounty turret became to much. To a Baron unfortunately... Bet Perp was pissed that he missed that one. EatInChicken survived a while longer though, and Type X may have as well - I was too busy pressing the PrtScr button to notice. Nice driving Home Boy!


November 3, 2006 - A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words :

Or at least six AUS$IES anyway! Last night in Alpha we had a huge turn out, as you can tell by the picture. Nude was last on the scene, and couldn't quite squeeze into the freq, even with half a litre of KJ jelly and a copy of his favourite Mill's and Boon novel! So evil Bezwar drove the nasty, laming (hope you all read the guide!) and negging five-Aussie turret in Nude's general direction.. It was not a pretty sight. (I still think we all need the same flag, but personal choice and all...)

I've rearranged the Big Bnty Kills page so that gifted bounties are separated from the real deals. This should offer some encouragement in that area, to top the list (Currently held by Bezwar/Mbsy). Pffft - there goes my spot...

Nice to see a couple of our less frequent members about recently - Blahdom and Jazzfizzle. Keep it going Aussies!


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