October 23, 2006 - Mini News :

Morning AUS$IES. Nothing much new - a few additions to the Big Bnty Kills page, and I'm about to decorate our Huntee page with some Big Bob wallpaper - so send in those screenshots!

Also, there is a copy of the Hide) Guide to Cloaking and General Laming available, which is very interesting reading. It's from the squad that turned cloaking into an artform. So regardless of if you are wanting to improve your cloaking skills, or just to know thy enemy - grab a copy. I'll update the guide as it's completed. Thanks Hide)!!

Also added a link to EyeQ Squad. If you have SS related links to share - please send them in. I'm also working on having a forum set up with phpbb - but I know bugger all about it. If anyone is an expert - e-mail me !!

Bezwar was chatting to an Aussie in Chaos, named WRX (they share the same car!) - I don't know if he's in a squad, but if you see him around, ask if he'd like to join. Doesn't hurt to have some AUS$IES in/from other zones as well. Nude, Bezwar, Dik and myself sometimes hang out over there when Alpha is quiet, to share the loving Chaos feeling of welcome! Not.

EDIT - Welcome to wrx. our first member from Chaos Zone. Introduce yourselves, when you see him about. Originally from Brissy, but calling Adelaide home at the moment, and I have a suspicion that wrx probably drives his car like a jav on rockets! Onya wrx.


October 7, 2006 - Drinks | Long Time | Drinks :

Note - The squad chat is now known by Stingray By Crikey (Brokeback Bob) - see Blackers in game for the new one...You can check who is on squad chat by typing ?chat

Finally, AUS$IES signs a new member! Welcome onboard to Delta-Halo, who joined today! I believe Delta-Halo has had a fair break from the game, and is getting right back into it. Be sure to make him feel welcome in Alpha as he finds his way. Also you may notice Vegemite flying the Aussie flag around the place - this is one of our more laggy members new alias - I'll leave you to work out who!

In other news, we have appointed a new Huntee whom I'm confident you will already be acquainted with. There are two things that I think of when Bob comes to mind, and that's macros and aliases, so we have our work cut out for us in working out which Bob is the real Bob... Let's hope he see's the fun side of this, unlike Foofless who took it all a bit personally. Anyway, I think Bob is a laugh, and I see so many people 'bite' when he takes the piss - but a fair enough nominee and I shall enjoy trying to get those screenshots!

I haven't been able to play much on Sunday mornings, so haven't formally arranged any Turreting events. There was talk on the Alpha West boards of Turret Wars, but it's doubtful the time difference would work for us. Anyway, be sure to pop in on Sunday mornings, and look our for Cmon I Sux, Bezwar or any other AUS$IES member who can drive a turret (that's not me by the way!). Send in some screenshots for the Gallery if you get the chance.

Speaking of screenshots - the Big Bounty Kills pages need filling with your 400+ bounty kills. If you don't nab anyone with some serious bounty, try greening yourself up to make the reverse kills section.. Lets get all AUS$IES members in there somewhere!


September 17, 2006 - Get Yer Turret Action Here! :

Here's a couple of shots of AusTurrets during the week, capturing the fighting spirit of lone AUS$IES against the world..or at least the zone. Combined with our fearsome lag, we didn't exactly ingratiate ourselves to alpha, but all who participated had a good time. And being Aussies, what better time to be had than that at the expense of others ?

OK - we seem to be having some not-very-organised Turret weekends of late (Bezwar was noticibly absent with some lame marriage excuse ;) So in the hope of getting a five or six man going, register your interest or send me your email address (if I don't have it) and we'll arrange a time. Sux and Bezwar are both class act drivers, so we should be able to get that turret feeling most weekends!

As mentioned above, Bezwar tied the knot on Saturday, although didn't send any pictures in (self self self). So I'm sure you will join me in wishing him well! In other (lack of) news, the scores are still down, but I think we'd be having somewhere near our best run this fortnight. Hopefully when they are back up, I'll be able to pick up on the missing periods. I've also added a Gallery page which has a pictorial history of AUS$IES moments for your viewing pleasure!

Nominations are up for a new Huntee - We're all stocked up on foof now. I don't have anyone in mind, so feel free to submit any suggestions. Also, the Big Bounty Kills page is in need of your screenshots! Let's get all the AUS$IES up there somewhere!

And last of all, I'll self indulgently wish my Dad a happy birthday for today. He would have been 78 years old, however passed away in 2003 from cancer. Onya me ol' Pop !


September 9, 2006 - Crikey, it's a Tree!! :

Well, not a lot in the news of late. Unless you count Steve Irwin or Peter Brock... Just goes to show you how everything can be going along swimmingly (sic) and the next minute you're history. Or more history... Wikipedia is amazing - I looked at the entries for both these guys shortly after the news was announced, and sure enough - it was updated to include their deaths. Best wishes to the families - No matter what you thought of them, I know from personal experience what it is like to lose a parent.

The public scores were reset, however the scores database site is once again down, so no update to the performace page as yet. I did chat to a prospective member, lag monsta or something similar - haven't seen him on line again, but if you do, be sure to invite him over.

Congratulations go to Hagen, who celebrates his birthday today (It's his shout then eh?) and also to Bezwar who will be married next Saturday. Hope you both enjoy the day and Bezwar and his Turret-Partner have a great life together. Teach her to play subspace dude, it'll make your life easier !

We will be arranging a Turret Sunday when Cmon I Sux gets in touch, so look out for that. Nude was seen again during the week, after solving his computer problems, so look forward to seeing him back in Alpha real soon now! I have a few minor updates for the pages when I get a chance...


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