August 26, 2006 - Turret Sunday! :

Alpha got a dose of Turret Love today, with Cmon I Sux (previously known as UMAX) displaying his awesome turret driving skills, to the rest of alpha's detriment! It was an honour to be a part of (twice actually, as I died mid turret once at 371 bounty!). I must say, if you get a chance to ride a SuxTurret(tm) or one driven by Bezwar - give it a go. Thanks to the other turret members as well, we had a ball! Sux eventually wore it at 768 bounty (53:5 win:loss for the day!) when his kid was being naughty and distracted him! I'm guessing we could have gone a while longer :)

Nude has some nasty spyware problems at home (That will teach you for visiting questionable sites!), so won't be able to play until these are sorted out. Don't worry, he'll be back around soon! In other things of note, Kito lamed me to complete his 100:0 win:loss ratio today. No matter what you think of him, that's still quite a feat... There's also been an addition to the Big Bnty Kills page (Sux) and a couple of Foofless obituaries on the Huntee page.

Finally, Mittens wanted to display his paw skills - geez, look at what the paw guy has to put up with:


August 24, 2006 - He Shoots, and He Scores!! :

The paddles are off and the scores database has bounced back to life, so our Performance page has also felt some love for the first time in a month! Congratulations to Hagen who topped the list for the past reset and posted a personal best! Both Local 107 and Fighter-X have heaps more members than we do, so it's gonna be tough for us to get any number one placings - but, what we lack in numbers we make up for in lag.. So go to it AUS$IES!

There have been a few minor updates to the site, however Dik's reverse kill with 1000+ points last weekend wasn't one of them. His screenshot came out black when he bit the dust, but for prosperity, here's a shapshot when he reached the millenium!

I've added a National Anthem page, because..well, it seemed like a good idea at the time! The Fighter-X pages will be moved off this site shortly, so the link will disappear. Their new home will be, and I'll continue to maintain their webpages until one of their members steps up to the plate.


August 14, 2006 - [Blushing] Oh gosh...I'd like to thank... :

Attrition kindly ran the 2006 Best And Worst Of Alpha awards last week. AUS$IES were featured in minor placings for a few categories. Follow the link for the full results, but a Précis is below for the enthusiasm impaired amonst us!

[QUESTION 18] Most likely to be remembered? Nude for Satan (tied-2nd) [Onya]

[QUESTION 19] Best representation of the "Alpha Newbie"? Nude for Satan (tied-3rd) [Bah.. No taste]

[QUESTION 27] Best Alpha Squad? AUS$IES (3rd) [I should have voted for us...]

[QUESTION 28] Worst Alpha Squad? AUS$IES (3rd) [Where's the love?]

[SPECIAL QUESTION] Longest time taken to vote: Hagen (40 minutes/3rd worst) [Haste makes...]

[SPECIAL QUESTION] Most disconnects during their vote: Hagen (lag) [Duh]

Now, we really need some categories we can win. Like, Best Lagger (Hagen easily!), Nudest bloke (obvious), Most Tact (Dikamerica), Best Bunny (Mittens) and Coolest Website (yay!).. I'll make these suggestions in an official capacity of course!

In other business, there's a few additons to the Big Bnty Kills page, and welcome back to Mittens, who found our website again after the footypedia site went for a sojourn to a small tropical island somewhere.


August 10, 2006 - Less Is, Well, Still Less... :

You may have noticed a steady increase in Fighter-X pilots about the place (Member names prefixed by FX>>). Captained by FX>> Hootie, they have a lot of good players, many of whom will be known to you. They're also a decent bunch and I've hosted some very temporary web pages for them until Hootie gets something happening (mind you, he is a bit short on time and information at the moment!).

We have a new Huntee for your aiming pleasure, and an additon to the Big Bnty Kills page also. Send in your full screen captures to be included!

It was nice to see Dikamerica back on the scene recently, after a relocation to Newcastle and a hiatus sans broadband! Dik's sent in a bio and ..errr..avatar..cough! See the Members page for details (if you're game - Dik is one of our more..hardcore members!)...

In other news, the scores database is still not fixed and it isn't looking promising, so our stats page will be stagnant for a while. There's also talk on the boards of merging the SVS (Standard VIE Settings) zones into one "super-zone" with sub arenas...Some of the other zones merged this week aparently. Check the usual SS boards if you want to know more I guess!


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