July 31, 2006 - Do You Have Big Ones ? :

As there is currently a problem with the scores database not listing Alpha West, I've knocked up an old scores up to 12th July 2006 page. (If anyone is interested!). I don't have any idea if or when the Scores Database site will begin coughing up Alpha scores again, so our performance page is kind of in limbo.

I've added a page where we'll put up screenshots of your Big Bnty Kills - Not anticipating that I'll have to buy more hosting space for this one, but we'll give it a shot. So hit that Prt Scr button as fast as I can hit the Repel key and send them in!

Thanks to Vector_91 for a link to AUS$IES on the True Saints website (Mitten's spinning banner takes pride and place there too). If you know of any other Alpha squads who have websites, please drop us a line. We have a new e-mail address also, so send yer stuff to from now on!

Mittens has submitted this alternate avatar for Nude.. Hmmm, I can see a certain resembelence there now that you mention it.. Congratulations to Nude on posting a positve win:loss ratio last fortnight (Buggered if I can tell you what it was though), and last time I was online with Nude he was doing it all again. So, my question is who has hacked Nude's account and where is the real Nude ?? Just kidding, well done mate!

That's all folks....


July 26, 2006 - Home Sweet Home! :

Nude's been having some issues with the footypedia site, so we've moved the AUS$IES website instead. This will be a permanent change, so update your bookmarks!

I think it's been a pretty huge fortnight for the squad, but as the scores database is down for Alpha, I can't update the stats. Will get this fixed as soon as the information is available.

A big welcome back to Vanilla Vixen, a member of the original AUS$IE squad, who re-joined up a week ago or so. As Bruce Willis wrote in the original Die Hard "Now we have a cloaker.." errr..or something like that...maybe?

Just a quick update now that the site is back up - more news at 11.00pm...


July 16, 2006 - Do Not Attempt To Adjust The Picture... :

After a short break in transmission, the site is back up...Nude doesn't know what the hell he did, but we hope he keeps on doing it! What's new ? Let's see...

Scores were reset on Wednesday, and the good oil from the Performance page shows that AUS$IES had their best fortnight ever! Infact five of our nine active members for the fortnight posted personal bests by ranking! We were the top squad by average points and top 5 average points. Only Local 107 and their fleet of players accumulated more points in total. So well done AUS$IES and ONYA!

Contratulations are in order for the newest turret on the block, Mr and Mrs Mittens Da Bunny - Married on Friday 14th July at 2.00pm! In true AUS$IES spirit, Mittens was online that night to let us know the happy news. They are over the moon and planning a batch of baby bunnies to join the ranks. Here's a picture commemorating the happy occasion:

In other subspace news, our trash talking friend, a muther f'r'_4 earned a lifetime ban from alpha west for esc-q'ing (again). Once before banned for a different issue, Muther joined the original AUS$IE squad as BCnoob, under false misrepresentation, until that ban was lifted. I think this one could be a little harder to give the slip! See you in Chaos I guess, Muther and no, my sister (if I had one) still doesn't want to sleep with you...

If anyone is feeling a tad gulity about playing on the sabbath day, I notice there is now a squad that offers a way to ease the conscience. You can check out the True Saints website.. As Nude makes note - most of their members are nice guys. Feel free to mention that mine repping isn't saintly behaviour if it happens to you! They have sound on their website.. We don't... I'm going to have to work on that real soon now...amen... (Note to Nude For Satan...Don't bother submitting an application dude...)

Thanks to nude for the above picture, adequately displaying our feelings about the world cup! Ok - that's it for today, unless someone has something else to add..? Speak up or forever hold your peace (not your piece)... Well ? Thought so...Bah...


July 7, 2006 - Bigger than Ben Hur! :

We are the AUS$IES. Resistance is futile. You will be Assimilated. Welcome to Bezwar, whos technological and biological likeness was added to the AUS$IES collective this morning. Bezwar is a Banana Bender (which makes him about $12.49 a kg) and is getting back into the game after a couple years off. Looking at his record, Bezwar is well versed in the mystical art of assimilating bounty, but probably doesn't look as good as Seven of Nine in a skin tight uniform. Also nice to see Blahdom around earlier in the week, after a bit of a walkabout!

I've ordered a Dell 2407WFP 24" UltraSharp Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor which has a native resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. Subspace should be interesting on that sucker, so I'll let you know if I can actually get used to it at that resolution, and post a screenshot or two when I finally get it!

Congrats to Nude for relieving Green Widow of the burdensome task of carrying around 597 bounty today. There may or may not have been some conjecture as to the influence of lag on the result, but we are in a far away land, and everyone spikes at times don't they?! Still, it's how many, not how - and there's a nice little deposit at the bank of Nude (I'm gonna read that sentence again slowly and hope it sounds better the second time!)...

With 4 days to go before the reset, we are currently the #1 squad in Alpha for average points and top 5 average points, and the #2 squad for wins and total points behind the evil minions of Local 107 (who have 17 active members to our 9). We look like cracking the 100k points barrier for the first time since AUS$IES inception - so keep kicking goals and we'll have our best fortnight ever!


July 3, 2006 - Nicht News is Gut News! :

First, a big welcome to ImDog, who may have been a member of the original AUS$IE squad and was sighted and catalogued on Saturday! Good to see our humble ranks growing. Dik noted in the shoutbox that he's relocating to Newcastle and should be back online soon, which is good as a regular Dik is a good Dik! Also congrats to Hagen who I have heard a couple of people comment on how fast he's improving..onya Hages!

Squadkilling: AUS$IES doesn't have a hard and fast rule about anything really, but certainly discourages squadkills especially when there are plenty of players in the zone. Of course accidents happen and so do radar-kills, but it's not generally fair to go open slather on a squad member when they are not expecting it from a fellow squaddie. Dueling between members is fine, however both should be aware and ready for it. A quick ;duel? on the chat channel or a single mutual shot off the port bow should be sufficient. The exception is turreting - if you are in a turret with non Aussies, you can fully expect to live and die by the sword!

AUS$IES go Alpha - Expressions of interest anyone for a periodic meeting of as many AUS$IES in Alpha ? We could aim for a set time once a month or something where we try to get as many of us as possible online. Sunday Mornings might be a good time, as there are usually plenty of other players enabling larger freq sizes. Drop in an e-mail with your thoughts and availability. Some great fun swarming and running a few AUSTurrets(tm) to be had!

Rumours of German infiltration abound, with Nackt fur den Teufel (Nude) and Swarters (Blackers) giving the rough end of the pumpernickel to alphernians on Sunday night. K.13 and mbassy will probably shoot any AUS$IES on sight, if they worked out our cunning disguises...Mein Gott!

Oh, and almost forgot, here's a link to Mittens radio station website in Darwin.


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