June 29, 2006 - End of Financial Year $ale! :

Not a lot of news in the past couple of weeks, although we do welcome Hagen into the fold. Hagen joined this week, his first in playing SS and he's picking up the ropes pretty fast!

The scores were reset yesterday, and the Performance page has been updated. Congrats to Mittens who posted a burster of a win:loss ratio for the fortnight, and takes his rightful place at the top of the list. Also, it's wedding bells for Mittens in July, so be sure to wish him all the best when you see him around.

Nude, Hagen, Slurry (a.k.a. Some Bad in Disguise) and yours truly have spent a bit of time in ?go battle recently - It's quite fun once you get used to it and if there is a decent bunch hanging around. (The scores there don't effect the alpha public scores). Nude has even pledged his new found affections for ?go battle in a post on the alpha west forums here.

Mittens sent in the 3D AUS$IES graphic on the lower left of the webpage. If you have any comment, suggestions or additions - send 'em in!
Latest Soccer News: An Australian has been arrested in Germany after a brawl after the Australia-Italy World Cup match.

Even though the Australian was 10 metres away, the Italian suffered a broken leg, fractured skull, a heart attack, possibly got cancer and developed diabetes.

He is expected to recover in a few minutes…

Well, keep those Aussie flags flying, and may your new financial year!


June 15, 2006 - Pretty AUS$IES, All In A Row! :

First a big welcome to Honsy, our newest member, tracked down and signed yesterday! A big onya to Mittens and Nude for getting honsy over the line...

As you can see from the screenshot above, we managed to get a police line-up of an ugly bunch of convicts in Alpha West yesterday - I'll put the full screeny up on the Stuff page sooner or later. That's certainly the best Aussie turnout so far - of course in the carnage that followed, no one was safe from us squad killing cannibals! Hey Kokoda - we'd love to see you playing more under that proud Aussie name too!

Scores were reset last night also, thank goodness - new stats are up in the Performance page as of today.

Mittens is a no on the "guest" squad members, and if we can maintain a decent number of Aussies there won't be a need to do anything (we still have a number of inactive members though). Still open for comment of course, and Mittens points duly noted!

That about wraps it up for today!


June 13, 2006 - Dances with AUS$IES ? :

Howdy AUS$IES - not much newsworthy, but a few site changes: Dik sent in a screenshot for our huntees page (better late than never!) and a full set of state banners which have been uploaded, if you feel the urge to fly one. Yesterday Mittens bio was added to the members page. If you'd like one, send no money now - just the bloody bio and we'll put it up. Some other minor housekeeping changes to the site also, as well as a major revamp for the Performance page. Now, we'll just be keeping historical team stats, plus current and personal best individual performances. As per Mittens request, these are now sorted by rating, not alphabetically.

hOMe bOy still hasn't had any takers for the USA squad, but there are reports of a player by the name of honsy in alpha who is an Aussie - sus honsy out and see if he/she's interested in joining up if you get the chance. On this subject, our active members are getting a little thin on the ground, so I bounced the idea off Nude that we could have a few "guest" spots for Honorary Aussies. The original AUS$IE squad had Vanilla Vixen, who it is rumoured wasn't exactly from our sunburnt Country - but we liked her anyways! So lets hear what you have to say about bolstering the numbers this way ?

Basically, if we did this, we'd be looking for:
Something to think about anyways and put forward any names you think might be interested in joining this bunch of yobbos! We'll even be sure to edumacate them in some Aussie slang and culture along the way - no extra charge!! That's about it for today - happy hunting and onya Socceroos!


June 11, 2006 - Those Crazy Yanks! :

Looks like we can expect some lively competition in Alpha West. Well, that is if Captain U.S.A. (a.k.a. hOMe bOy) can get any starters for the - U.S.A - team. He's a cool dude, but feel free to neg him at any opportunity of course, cos that's about the only opportunity you'll get! You can check out their sinister plans at the Unusually Skilled Amateurs (cough) website. Homey wasn't all that keen on taking us as members though (I did offer...!)

Welcome to jazzfizzle as our newest member, signed up today. He's a mate of dik's, so say howdy when you see him round. I don't think he's online that much, but good to have him onboard. Dikamerica also has a website at Urban Golf Australia which is worth checking out.

Check out a screenshot of Radio Star (yeah, the song dude) spawning inside the "alpha" box at H7 safe. I think the server was doing some strange things the other day!

Well, I believe slurry is off on Cairns fulfilling his lifelong dream of bartending and picking up hot Sweedish tourists - hopefully he'll drop us a line, and more importantly, send photos - not of him that is! So we're likely to be a bit light on for members for a while. We may even have to bolster our numbers with some Honorary Members(tm) if more Aussies don't take the game up!

A few other pages have been updated, but still may be a bit out of date. It's a work in progress! Keep pluggin' away Aus$ies!


June 9, 2006 - Nude Gets a Helping Hand! :

Howdy Aus$ies - Blackers here! Nude has had a bit on his plate of late - hence the sporadic updates. We now have the technology to update these pages and you can look forward to a bit more waffle from time to time. It won't have Nude's unique flavour of witty prose, but ya will have to put up with that!

We seem to have stagnated in signing up new members, but keep an eye out for potential Aus$ies to fly the flag, so to speak! We did sign "Kokoda", who you may know as "internal", however he is flying under the latter name presently. Let me know if you have any other candidates! Haven't seen Xenix, L.Phoe, SteveIrwin or blahdom for a while - so give 'em a nudge if you see them round!

Today's updates are, a new Huntee du Jour, and a slightly more updated, but still out of date Performance page (which is going to need re-vamping due to the length of the stats currently - probably just the team stats and a current and best performance for each member).

Feel free to send any news items, whinges, contributions, screen captures, bios (for those that don't have one) or ideas for anything to include on the site to our new e-mail address

OK - that's it for today.. Onya !!

May 5, 2006 - Initial Excitement Over, Nude's Bipolarity Becomes Apparent! :

So as I'm sure you've all noticed the rush has become a trickle, updates dried up and I've been a little hard to contact recently. Well, I'm afraid yers're gonna have to live with it. I'm just not getting all that much time recently.

On a brighter note, welcome to c'mon I Sux and Mittens da Bunny (who were an AUS$IE member, and the AUS$IE founder, prior to changeover to AUS$IES - known in SubSpace circles as the Great Australian Pluralisation Era). Their presence, not to mention their skills, are most welcome!

Performance page has been updated thanks in no small part to Blackers, top bloke, onya! AUS$IES is right up there, with only the voluminous Local 107 more prolific at this stage.

Still deliberating over an Ashes series against the poms, they're keen, just dunno how to make it work! I'm slow, we don't rush out here in Orstraylya.

You beaut, AUS$IES is rippin'. Keep the name about, we will be there!

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