March 30, 2006 - Mittens da Tease :
Notes brought to my attention yesterday that Mittens had been online around dinner-time. Grrrrr! Could he really be this cruel?

Latest site changes include addition of Eureka flag banner, and Blackers provided a new image for eMail, a couple of flags, and a handy snapshot of his dilemma! Alpha website graphic link added.

March 29, 2006 - Website Gathers Pace :
Slowly but surely the site grows. I moved it to my footypedia webspace where at least I can use javascript and get the crappy brown margins up again. Shoutbox added and this news moved to the front page. Blackers submitted a bio and a koori/aboriginal banner added! If anyone would like to create me a 12x8 boxing kangaroo I'd be grateful, and surprised!

Mittens da Bunny was sighted recently but has gone to ground (hutch?) again. The pressure's on as people are starting to suggest alternative squad names in order to circumvent the limbo status of AUS$IE.

A big welcome back to subspace to slurry who has recently returned from a 5 year vacation. Good to see him floating around and wearing the aussie flag with pride. Recently there were so many aussies online that we had to split ourselves over 2 frequencies! I immediately went to war against the other aussie freq and showed that, once again, I am crap. (I got Blackers, though hehe)

March 24, 2006 - Take Us To Our Leader! :
After many messages, much searching, repeated queries and offers of orifices to any with information, the search for Mittens da Bunny has yielded no fruit and, odd for rabbits, borne no bunnies. I am at a loss. This headless horse of a squad is destined for the clagheap unless we can contact our illustrious leader.

March 17, 2006 - Almost An All-AUS$IE 2v2! :
Recently, 3 current members of AUS$IE plus one ex-member happened without planning to meet in Alpha West/?go battle. What ensured may have been possibly the first all-Australian 2v2 duels since scores had been recorded. (If you know otherwise, please let me know!). The two games played were logged by Mystery Meat's logs here and here. Xenix wonders if he's good enough to join the squad? I'm the one who teamkilled him out of the game!.

Wonderful work by Mystery Meat whose logs cannot be opened in a new window without also causing the original window to be dragged along like a codependent enabling scarlet lady. I like technology but technology don't like me.

March 13, 2006 - Introduction :
Hoping to use this to round up the 'bloody australians' of Subspace / Continuum, with an Alpha West flavour.

For the moment, I have nothing to show you except this map of where mine reps and crap like that happen in Alpha West pub :
Alpha Laming Locations.

While this site is small and insignificant, I'll just pile all the text up over a couple of pages and not format much at all. Think yourself lucky you're getting a baby-shit brown margin on your screen, my generosity only goes so far. Oh, javascript doesnt work in Geocities. FINE. Ok, moved from Geocities to my aussie rules webspace, and we have crappy brown margins again :)

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