Name State Joined
Blackers (co-owner) WA April 4, 2006
Nude For Satan (co-owner) VIC April 4, 2006
Mittens da Bunny (Founder) NT May 5, 2006
Slurry NSW April 6, 2006
Some Bad Lung Cancer NSW April 5, 2006
Xenix WA April 5, 2006
Dikamerica NSW April 6, 2006
Cmon I Sux WA May 5, 2006
L.Phoe WA April 10, 2006
SteveIrwin ??? April 10, 2006
Blahdom WA May 2006
Kokoda VIC May 2006
Jazzfizzle NSW 11 June 2006
Honsy SA 14 June 2006
Hagen SA 26 June 2006
ImDog QLD 1 July 2006
Bezwar QLD 7 July 2006
Vanilla Vixen ??? 18 July 2006
Delta-Halo QLD 7 October 2006
wrx. SA 23 October 2006
Fenrix. Vic November 2006
Xristosx. Vic 27 January 2007
Delekhan. Vic 7 March 2007
A-rabjeezus. NSW 1 September 2007
J.x. VIC 26 April 2010
Jasinner QLD 23 May 2010

Past Members (of AUS$IE) - Pick up the phone dammit!!!!.

Delta-9 ???

Hopeful Inductees.

There are various other interested parties, but I won't name them until they are on board, to protect their privacy.

Member Details - Blackers.

Where the bloody hell are you ??

Perth actually.

Originally played for a short time while the game was in beta around 97/98 - used the name "A Land Downunder". Only had dialup and my ISP at the time didn't have great pings to the USA. Next time I looked the game was commercial anyway.

It was only in Feb 2006 that I tried again (I have an 8mb/1mb ASDL connection now) and the lag is acceptable (to me anyway, especially if I close uTorrent and eMule!) Not long after I started playing, Mittens asked if I wanted to join the Aussie squad - then after carefully explaining what I had to type to do that, here I am! Not that I knew what the hell squads were about, but hey it sounded like fun!

My goal is have some fun, maintain a 1:1 win/loss ratio and put up a reasonable fight when someone who knows what they are doing tries to shoot me! Hmmm...People in hell want iced water as well...

Special ability - annoying people by dropping mines around corners when being chased (which is often). Doesn't stop me from dying, but it sure ticks people off!

Highlight reel :
[Blackers' Choice]

Member Details - Nude For Satan.

(lodged on the Alpha West messageboard, November 27, 2006)


I got my win/loss ratio under 1:5 this morning yay pfft cor blimey and had to spruike about it.

Anyways, hiyas folks. Kev (me) tried subspace around 97 or 98 while VERY drunk a lot, wasn't any good, never learnt the radars, died a lot. Dial-up with serious lag, don't remember player name, might have been KevvBaby or K-e-v-v-Baby as that was my chatroom name in other places at the time. I also looked into a couple of other zones eg Dueling Arizona and possibly Trench Wars (I swear a zone I often went to looked like Dueling Arizona but had a big circle in the middle).

Ok so I was so bad and drunk and laggy I gave it away, but then tried it again for about a week approx 2001ish. Used "Nude For Satan" as nickname (itís a schlock italian or european horror movie from long ago for anyone who wondered whether I sacrificed goats or anything. I don't. I'd just seen the movie and cracke up over the name not to mention the corniness of the movie. Someone in AW I was shooting at couplah days ago has heard of it).

Anyways about 4 wks ago we finally got broadband connected. It took one week of limewire over-use to remember subspace and here I am again, finally learning and trying not to die. My ratio plummetted because I get defeatist after I get killed once but I am trying to change that and have recently 'slightly' improved but am still very, very bad.

Alrighty, can't tell yers how much fun it is to play the game and almost all the other players are both challenging to play against and fun to have a laugh with or exchange gunfire with!

My special skill is the ability to slalom through an entire soylent field of green and miss every flaming one of them!

Cheers all.

C'arn the Roys


Highlight reel :
Some hilarious and downright amazing events occur in Alpha-West. Here is a selection of the ones that piqued my interest (expand to full screen and note commentary)
[Your Mom Takes Screenshots #1] [Your Mom Takes Screenshots #2] [Team Kill Extraordinaire] [Character Actor] [The Pen Is Mightier Than The TypeKill!]

Member Details - Mittens da Bunny.

Age: 30 ( I am an ancient vampire bunny )

Fur Colour: White ( Used to be browny )

Eye Colour: Blue

Favourite Food: Baby Carrots ( with beetroot sauce )

Player I love to kill most : Homoboy ( ooops I meant Homeboy ) hehe

Links :
[KIK FM.] [Mr & Mrs Da Bunny] [Paw Mittens]

Member Details - slurry.

I am Mark aka Slurry......bin on ice for a while..started playing subpace about 2000 when i was in college at uni with free internet. Started a college squad call the DOGGZ which included dikamerica although we were all named after breeds of dogz in the squad.....and we hunted as a pack. After many drinking binges during college we were kicked out on a case of bad behaviour and our subspace career was put on hold.

Nowdays sees me living at home (yes that is mums and dads place....pretty sad at 24 but the food and rent is free) with a rather decent broadband connection, hence i am now out of retirement and back in subspace...ready to own all who are not aussie.

Other stuff i do is ride motorbikes (i just wrote off my Honda CBR 900 Fireblade) bugga! Thank god for insurance. Now i'm looking to get somthing bigga, like a kwakka zx 12 or hayabusa for all those who know bike talk(prob not the best idea after throwing away a less powerfull bike but n e way i'm here for a good time not a long one) apart from play subspace work and ride motorbikes i look for pussy where ever i can find it however that is proving to be quite hard now i have moved back home. Sorry girls, its your place or the car park.

Anyways if u want to contact me just hang in alpha zone for a while

check on

aussie aussie aussie
oi oi oi
aussie aussie aussie
oi oi oi

Member Details - some bad lung cancer.
No data lodged.

Member Details - Xenix.
No data lodged.

Member Details - dikamerica.


My name's dikamerica, raise them beers, been doing this shit for more than 6 years!!

As well as being a subspace junkie I'm also a professional Urban golfer. You should try it because it's good wholesome fun thats also outside. Go on give it a go. All you need is a ball and a stick to hit it with. Both of which can be aquired for free from your local driving range.

My subspacing career started when I was introduced to dueling arizona by a man who goes solely by the handle jasinner. Moreover if you see him hiding in the realms of subspace somewhere attempt to capture him and let me know...healthy rewards paid.

I love australia and the aussie squad and will continue to do my part in ensuring it's global domination. For meetings I can be found at the pub/club/anywhere that offers beer.(my house is actually connected to a pub, we share a common wall and as I type this am actually touching the pub. (yeeps!)

Links :
Urban Golf Australia] [1001 Diks!]

Member Details - cmon i sux.
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Member Details - blahdom.
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Member Details - L.Phoe.
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Member Details - STEVEIRWIN.
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Member Details - Kokoda.
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Member Details - Jazzfizzle.
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Member Details - Honsy.
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Member Details - Hagen.
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Member Details - ImDog.
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Member Details - Bezwar.

Links :

Member Details - Vanilla Vixen.
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Member Details - Delta-Halo.
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Member Details - wrx.
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Member Details - Fenrix.
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Member Details - Xristosx.
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Member Details - Delekhan.
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Member Details - A-rabjeezus.
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Member Details - J.x..
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Member Details - Jasinner.
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