Past Huntee: Foofless

Well, Ori wasn't nabbed, at least under that name (or more likely we wern't good enough!).. So come on down... Foofless !!! You're the next contestant on WTHAYOA? (What The Hell Are You On About ?)...AUS$IES, you'll have to work it out from this screenshot taken after Nude and I were chasing Foofy in our fearsome non-freq ships of red firing destruction... You may be Foofless, but we're clueless!

Foofless, have you ever been to that little blue planet, third from its primary, Sol, in the outer western spiral arm of the Milky Way ? Give it a try sometime, or better still...

EDIT: Foofy's not happy about being here - It's all a good natured joke ok ? Don't take it personally..We don't!

From To Nominee Reason
August 11, 2006 October 9, 2006 Foofless Has no Foof.

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