Past Huntee: BigDoug

I don't remember if there were any explanatory notes when BigDoug was inducted as AUS$IES first Huntee, as Nude was looking after this page then. I do remember that BigDoug used to get a kill on you, then proudly state that you were "Fukn Ownt" or if you repped him, it was "Rep More Pussy" or one of his other colourful sayings to endear himself to AUS$IES. So he became our first Huntee, and the rest is history! We later got chatting to BigDoug, and realised he just liked to stir people up, and wasn't actually a bad sport afterall! But how could we take the fame and fortune of these pages aways from him ? Come say hi again soon BigDoug!

From To Nominee Reason
April 7, 2006 April 11, 2006 BigDoug bad sport :)

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