Everything You Wanted To Know About The AUS$IES Squad, But Were Put Into Spec Mode Before You Had The Chance To Ask:
[Genesis] [Ethos]

Written By: Nude For Satan

Genesis Of AUS$IE and AUS$IES :
I suggested that the aussies in Alpha should have a squad and when someone explained to me how easy it was to create a squad, I created one called 'strine'. (For non-aussies, 'strine' is a slang spelling of 'Australian', homage to the lazy pronunciation of the Australian resident.

Mittens da Bunny thought that was too obtuse and, while I was dealing with some dinnertime issues, he created AUS$IE, populated by himself and Vanilla Vixen (who I'm pretty sure is not Australian). At the time, two others began a KIWI$ squad to fight the AUS$IEs, I think the participants were Arry and OldSchoolRyan but I may be mistaken.

Before long the squad had as members myself (Nude For Satan), Blackers, Delta-9, ImDog and a couple of others! One of the others (Notes) had a bumpy start to being an AUS$IE, while the other, BCNoob, was a furious if untalkative member for a week or two, when he, inexplicably, vanished.

Mittens had a test of sorts to run past applicants, but as he then proceeded to disappear, no new members could be processed. Apologies to Xenix, whom I badgered into joining and then left in limbo while still searching for that rabbit.

We had enough drama in the AUS$IE squad's one month history to shame a Hollywood marriage. Amongst the various incidents, we've already had to oust one young feller for his overjoyous team-killing of fellow squad members (you know who you are, rofl!). I personally would have liked to have seen him back on board with a blood lip and new perspective but was unable to contact the squad owner (wow I flog that dead horse a bit!). Anyways, that was not the only oddity of the squad. Lets just say; it never rains, but it pours.

Due to unavailibility of Mittens, the squad changed name to AUS$IES (plural) a few short weeks after spawning.

[AUS$IES Members]

Squad Ethos :
Requirements for being an AUS$IES squad member are few and far between. While the squad was originally borne out of, and centred on, Alpha West zone, the pilots are pretty much their own, and make appearances in all sorts of zones across the Subspace spectrum. No member is required to take part in any events or confine themselves to any arenas.

Some fly the Australian flag as a banner, but even that is not compulsory. When approached, some folks had cautiously mentioned that they weren't the best pilots, but its not much of an excuse considering I'm a member of the team!

Primarily, we'd like to be appreciated as being a jovial and honest bunch. No high and mighty boasting (unless to bait), no abusive verbage, and no patheticisms such as Esc-Q'ing or cheating. You can safely assume that any laming done by an AUS$IES member will be the exception rather than the rule, but it is not outlawed. We will sometimes enjoy a quick bombe de linear, or plant a bank full of mines in a dubious location, but making a habit of it, is not in the best interests of being a top bloke (or blokette). Down here in Oz, our lag wanders between 250 and 400, we don't need any further reason to ingratiate ourselves with the rest of the Subspace community!

Amongst ourselves, we don't betray fellow members through deliberate team-killing, and should on most occasions defend each other, attempting when possibly to get onto the same freq. This should not be cut and dry though, as we should be able to enjoy some matey sparring between members from time to time! State Of Origin matches would be most welcome if we can get the numbers!

Where possible, cause as much cultural cringe as you can. Plenty of corny Australianisms are never out of place. We'd love to hear common use of Blackers' anthemic onya, many and varied renditions of Wild Colonial Boy and Duncan, and, the odd plagiaristic Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! is also welcome, even if it was originally an English thing.

Above all, the concept as an AUS$IE squad member is to have fun, be Orstraylyen ... and tan their hide when they died, Clyde. Tan their hide when they died. :)

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