December 27, 2010 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and 2010! :

Been a while since I've posted anything, so wanted to get in early and wish all AUS$IES members all the best for 2011. Hope your festive season has been good so far! I've been putting in a bit more time on the trusty old keyboard, but I'm about to move house and am unlikely to have internet for a while. Even then, it's ADSL1..yes Veronica, they still have that. I'll probably use the internet connection on my mobile phone to get *some* access, but if I was a lagger before, that's not going to be pretty!

Anyway, good to see a few of you online lately... Hopefully I'll have some pretty pictures to post soon!


November 25, 2010 - Many more alpernians, upgraded subarena, new AW Refugee squad! :

Its been a long time between updates and the natives have been getting restless, so I deliberately delayed another week and then finally gave you this pile of shit to read.

Player Sightings :
The Alpha Army just keeps spewing forth old names back into Chaos. Seen over the past couple of months are more returnees such as Noob101, z.baron+ (couldnt get out of spec tho, computer problems), w_chalupa, Baron 3, FX>>Bilet, Table Saw, MJB, avarice1, Parajoder, WetChicken and even Arry (for about one minute). BlackSpathi is making more appearances, Ultifighter is pwning around, alpha's worst has returned to something probably better than his former glory. Turbotron has finally started making it more obvious that he is the "count to 20 cos I'm about to hit it" lamer, just as lovable (sic) as ever. If I've left anyone out, let me know!

Squads Representing Alpha :
Alpha Noob had been created a few months back (by PsyOps maybe? or lightbender? or a portishead remix?) but no-one knows the password anymore. Well, Jenn_B has gone ahead and created a squad themselves called "AW Refugee". Its free to join, just type ?squadjoin=AW Refugee:alphawest or copy that into the chat screen and {enter}. There's a few alpernians representing it already.

Alpha Subarena News :
When in Chaos, typing ?go alpha will send you to the alpha subarena. Its the alpha map, with alpha settings, as previously advised with slightly increased green proliferation and slightly ramped up starting ?status stats (still way less than Chaos' 100% though). In addition, we now have a greeting message for people entering the arena to join the chat ("alpha") and/or the AW Refugee squad. A further 'periodical' message invites stragglers to message me (Nude For Satan) to find out more. Yes I've had bites, and yes, from two people who already knew all there was to know :P

Further, after some stalking of the Chaos management, I finally gave up and lightbender took over and got the events bot (which is used at events such as Sunday Warzone) hijacked to sit in Alpha when not in use. This enabled the arena to appear anytime someone in pub does an 'Esc-A' (which is a lot of people, eg the league players need to do that regularly). The main intention of this change is to catch returning players who know nothing of Alpha's underground population in Chaos, enter for a glance, then leave without any chance of knowing about the alphalution!

At one point, out of nowhere, a population converged on the subarena, consisting of both old Alpernians and also a bunch of Chaosians who just came for the looksee. As you can see by the screenshot we even got some turret action going. I'd say that a pleasant time was had by all, but as we are all supposed to hate each other - every second of the experience completely sucked. Hehe, well a big thanks to everyone who turned up for a fun hitout, it was an awesome time for those who hark back to yonder days ... or something.

Don't forget to check out the Forums and the Facebook page, or at least you lazy pricks could add a comment on the Shoutbox (see left of screen).


November 25, 2010 - Horizons expanded. :

A hearty welcome to first non-svs AUS$IES member, beeej, whom I have run into while playing one of those 'other' zones. beeej is a Queenslander who now resides in rural Victoria, not far from my homelands, actually. beeej is seen commonly in Devastation zone, and I dunno what other places, but has also popped into Chaos for a look around. Welcome!

There's a bloke called Hagun who's also been popping into Chaos on rare occasions. He's some old Chaosian who is starting to fall back into evil subspace ways, starting with momentary spec appearances. He's in Melbourne. So be sure to hassle him about joining up!

In other news, there is no other news. Err, Jazzfizzle has been going nutso with gametimes and racking up many, many points, while also improving his win/loss to the point of being quite respected in Chaos pub, regardless of lag. Fenrix has made some appearances recently, while Blackers, dikamerica, and t00z have been fairly absent. Honorary kiwaussie Boozerbear is nowhere to be found, but other pseudostralians Red Lisa and sweet nose pop in from time to time.

t00z is under the pump with personal crap at the moment so take a moment to send vibes and shit to help him get his seppo arse back onto the playing field.

I've recently been shanghaied into assisting with moderativational duties in Chaos so be sure to hate my guts for no justifiable reason when you see me. Well, if you have questions, ask me so I can say "geeze I dunno".

Reset-wise, well the special resetty thingy that usually appeared on the website has gone wherever the website has gone. Its a waiting game as the brass attempt to solve that issue. I can say that I think I won the Halloween reset points thingy, from memory. Mainy 'cause I'm always there. Ratio, err, lets not talk about ratio. This current reset, mainly due to Jazzfizzle, we're thereabouts, but he's pretty much the only one of us who really pursues those medallions. But we're not just making up the numbers. We're making up some of the letters, too.

Pew pew vroom and a Waltzing Ma~ !


September 18, 2010 - Visits from Nicole Kitman, Zazie the Beast, Death or Glory, Will Lame For Food! :

They keep rolling in, one after the other. Even the old minister for being there, himself! Here's a selection (Nicole Kitman couldnt get out of spec so that was the best I could do):

Look at all the alpha names in this discourse!

Onto more special matters, and old Alpha cloaker Death Incarnate (seen below not killing me) accosted the Chaos brass with regard to the ?go alpha subarena, recently, and walked out with a basket full of greens and spawn stats. Yes, both have been increased, thanks to DI. I'm just wondering what he traded for it, 'cause we just know he wouldn't have accepted anything under any form of socialist handout process. But jolly good show DI! It already feels like its been raining in ?go alpha!

So if you're ever bored with how omfg ez Chaos pub is, have a peek in ?go alpha. That's how it starts.


September 9, 2010 - Reset Round Up. :

Congratulations to all AUS$IES members on a solid performance in the reset just ended. We've ended up standing on the dias in four categories as shown in the image. It's strange to see AUS$IES with positive W:L ratios, but some seem to be creeping into our ranks like weeds between the cracks of the paving... Near the barbie, with shrimp on it...and Fosters nearby. Ahem, anyway.. Congrats to BarTroP, Red Lisa and Fenrix for a stirling performance in this category (OK, Fenrix a 1:0 doesn't really cut it, but it's still better than me).

In a reset that saw some inter squad tensions arise, Nude has taken out the bronze medal in total points (would have probably won if he didn't play 36 aliases), and BarTroP and Jazzfizzle made big contributions to the team point tally also. Well done AUS$IES !!

We've added to our ranks solidly this reset, welcoming BarTroP back and Boozebear - There's one other Aussie about in lightning13, so be sure to roll out the welcome mat to her or any other potential new member. Maybe not BlackFlag>> members though, but they will probably want to jump onboard anyway as we are so awesome, no ?


September 7, 2010 - AUS$IES Welcomes Boozerbear! :

Squad List : More additions as this time we welcome Boozerbear to the fold! Boozer is a South Island Kiwi living in the States,
fumbling his way around the game and wondering how after all these years he could only be a little bit better than Nude. Oh, they'll
grow, Boozer, they'll grow! He's our first recruit from the Land of the Long White Cloud ... what's one single underarm delivery
between squadmates, eh? Great to have you on board!

Squadgate : Update: As no compromise has been forthcoming, I (Nude) am putting myself back on the AUS$IES list.
'I offered ... can't do more than that.'

Scalps #1 : I couldn't help but add this one simply for the rush of blood the led to my talking of trash immediately following :)
I surprised myself :

Midnight and UG afterwards had a run that could have appeared at Seaworld, which livened up Chaos pub for a while. Unlike
some folks, I always look forward to havin the league folks in for a bash around, as there's no doubting the btys, the chases,
and the sheer entertainment value.
Nevertheless, who's for some Peter Rowan ... ? No?

Scalps #2 : I thought of writing an intro for this one, but words fail me. Just read.


September 7, 2010 - Cowabonga Kid steps in, and PsyOps stops (a turret and) by! :

Could there be any more old Alpernians? The latest appearances come from the two abovementioned, whom I will now also belowmention :

Cowabonga Kid arrived, immediately piquing my interest and down my dress. Straight into the fray, he led a respectable run and
set the scene for more visits in the future. Good to see yer, Kid. Here we see him using the force to make Slick think he is a wall.

Seen a couple of times about the place but having more recently been absent, PsyOps was espied espousing cruelty upon a raging
turret, employing UPS Fast Trak delivery to place said threesome into the hands of a waiting co-conspirator. Whenever I try to do
this, my frequie never seems to be in the loop at the time. Bastards. Anyways, I couldnt't help but talk up the postman with a
gentle nod from my alias ;)

FInally, mbsy appeared, attempting to attach a keyboard and monitor to his new laptop, and made a few laps of the circuit.
There's a name I'd sorely love to see back in regular action!


September 5, 2010 - AUS$IES Welcomes BarTroP! :

As you will have noticed, Nude has hax0red our humble site - but it's all for the good of mankind..or AUS$IE kind as the case may be! As proof, we have already signed a new member - speaking of which, we're now growing faster than a slug on valium.. The long and the short of it is that BarTroP has left BlackFlag>> and again joined the elite clan of downunder warriors. That's good for us and bad for BlackFlag..hehe.

The Graphic shows we are currently 2nd in the Squad reset, with BarTroP's 30k+ points - which we just inherited :) Unfortunately for his old squad, they dropped off the list :(

I didn't really have anything else, but wanted to get a post in because Nude will use the entire bandwidth of the site up in updates soon...!bonus bandwidth.

EDIT - Nude informs me that BlackFlag has been dissolved, in some way related to losing BarTroP to us. Nude has currently removed himself from AUS$IES to not stack the reset scores (never thought you would have any impact on those Nude. I don't think it's a worry though, join back up!). We have always asked any AUS$IES in the zone to join up and BarTroP was a former member of AUS$IES under another name. It's not good for the game to lose squads, and we feel bad (and a little perplexed) that this has happened. No harm was meant, and we bear no grudges and wish NineSpike and other former members of BlackFlag all the best.
EDIT #2: Im worth 40-thousand friggin' points Blackers so don't be a smarty pants :P
EDIT #3: Dear Mr Power Of One Nudesy - not much freaking good to us unless you're squadjoined so getty backy onny :P


September 5, 2010 - Alpernians Just Keep Rolling In! :

Chaos arena starting, slowly but surely, to be over-run by Alphanians returning to the Subspace fold. The latest two old regulars seen
achieving re-entry were BlackSpathi and Slick Schooner. Oh the joy!

BlackSpathi, away for a year, hopped into a terrier, and immediately dispatched me, and then the other ship left in the arena that had maintained a streak of approximately 8 kills, until falling to the power of clog. Here he is, day afore yesterday.

Slick Schooner arrived only half a day ago, hopping into a Ron and racking
up a fair bty before his first tumble. He then went on to be killed as neg about
four consecutive times, at which point I headed off to sleep. Here he is, seen
a few hours ago, mid-tango with newjobguy

Hopefully the increased numbers will have a snowball effect, and I mean the accumulative version. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!


September 4, 2010 - AUS$IES Best At Something! :

Just taking a small moment to brag about this win. I wonder what its for? Stupid radar. Stupid low res.

Blackersedit: We're just the best at everything!
Nudedit: upon re-examining, I find Blackers was right!

Moving on, had anyone before noticed the banner worn by entering arena? :


September 2, 2010 - The Alpha Push Swells :

Twice in a couple of days we had population in the Alpha West subarena of Chaos! Earlier, we saw Red Lisa appear, with returning player 123 123 (now under a new nickname, he apparently hated his old one). We were also treated to spec visits from Chaotics Indecisive and Partsi. More recently, lightbender, 12321 (not same player as 123 123), Death Incarnate and Jenn_B made appearances. I got some screenies from the second round.

Welcome back also to Sephiroth31, who finally got his client working again! Here he is sparring with AUS$IES and Alpha truist

As the tempo builds, the recruiting should, also. Make sure you get your old alpha buds back into the game! In fact, get anybody!
Just log into Chaos and type ?go alpha to breathe in that gorgeous map.

Finally, I just thought this amusing. We discussed it when we saw it. But look closely at the two ships. Notice anything synchronous? :


August 30, 2010 - Forums Up!!! Website Transition Proceeds Rockily :

Dear Mr Peoplesy. This is Nude. !

As you may notice, the website has changed. Its still neither pretty nor ugly, but both: pretty ugly. But it is starting to look a bit
Alphanian, eh? Eh? EH? This is in response to the gathering cloud that is indeed, the ghost of Whinebots past.

So find anyone you know and direct them here. Forums and Facebook page, and even the Shoutbox, are intended to assist in getting
old Alphians back in touch. Surely everyone reading this right now is feeling just a little forgotten because Mad Cobra hasn't
called them fat for two years?

The website is still in a transitional progress while Blackers and I argue over who's driving :D We have different views on how to go
about this, so hopefully some compromise that leaves the site looking like one of the Monsters Inc extras will result, and then our
work will be done. And dusted.

Until next time, I leave you with something that made me spit food all over the monitor yesterday. I'm not even sure why I find it so
funny. I think I was just envisaging Blackers with his eyes closed and his teeth clenched.

It all worked out in the end though. I think we both got smacked by NenMad.


August 29, 2010 - Testing !! :

Hi, this is Nude seeing if I can hijack Blackers' website :D

Recently, the laws of Chaos were turned upside-down, when this happened:

I mean, seriously, wtf? Thanks to Greatjedi for hunting me regularly without greening :) Great to see him actually talking for a
change ... even if all he said was aaaaaaaaa which is Jarosvetian for "haha Nude suck it up scumbag".

But, me with a streak? That's about as likely as ... say, Zadrot not in a spider!


Edit: We are likely to transform this page into an Alphanians page, so check in for further updates and changes!
- topstrip.js changed.


August 25, 2010 - Chaos OWNED !! :

Been a while since my last post - have been on a big silver bird to the UK and back again... Anyway, haven't had much time to play,
but thought I would just point out that this is the state of play in Chaos at the moment:



June 7, 2010 - I See Red, I See Red, I See Red! :

The more musically astute of you will recognise the great Aussie band Split Enz (*cough*), and their harrowing words, which is an
opportune time for a segue to welcome our newest member Red Lisa to the fold. Many of you will remember the red terrier of
death flying around alpha in previous years, and Lisa has been a long time friend of AUS$IES - Her previous squad, True Saints are
no more, so I thought it nice to invite her to a more active squad. Lisa isn't technically from or in Australia (unless your understanding
of our borders are fairly, well, broad... Like Europe for example), but this shouldn't detract from anyones experience in the house.
Welcome to AUS$IES, Red Lisa!

Greetings to cmon i sux who also made an appearance in the shoutbox - look forward getting an Austurret going soon in Chaos.
Mbassy also dropped by recently, trying to relive his Local 107 glory days - but nothing but doom awaits him in Chaos, with the
surgical skill of a focused AUS$IES squad to face. We'll give him some ez.. bah!

Here are our standings from the previous reset: We made top 5 in 3 categories, and I'd like to draw attention to my awesome
average of 146, and my lowly death ave of 78.6 made possible by hounding high bounty targets and dying a lot without any dicernable
greening..ahem. I also had more deaths tham the entire squad put together. Awesome! Congratulations also to Jasinner who graces
us with a positve win loss ratio (no doubt a first for AUS$IES), and Jazzfizzle who had a very respectable ratio also - keep that up
and we'll be taken seriously soon...


May 31, 2010 - Not So Air-fridge! :

Wow - I don't know if we'll finish the reset this way, but as of last night we were in the top 5 for all squad reset criteria (ok, some
squads don't have enough eligible players, but let's not mention that)...So - Yes, you did read that right..cough! Now - keep
shooting at high bounty targets and we might stay in numero uno! Nude also sent a bunch of screenshots in, but I haven't had
time to incorpoate them as yet...


May 22, 2010 - Added some Links, and a New Squaddie! :

Welcome to our newest member, jasinner who joined up today - don't know much about jasinner, but a pretty fair pilot!
Please give a Big AUS$IES Welcome to 'im!

Added links in the sidebar thingo for Chaos Zone Facebook Page and found that BlueBomb Squad had a website so threw that in
too as well as the Refugees of Alpha West Group previously mentioned.
I'll go through the site in more detail some time and update dead or Alpha specific links.

Dikamerica has been impressing the locals with his awesome skills and is higly regarded in Chaos as you can tell from the following


May 19, 2010 - Reset Winners! :

Bet that got you attention - ahem, well there were reset winners who had really shiny sleek ships piloted with surgical precision - however they didn't belong to us! However we did put in a fine showing for a bunch of hacks. Ok, top performers were Fenrix, Dikamerica and sweet nose (Who is somewhere in Spain or something and was flying a WB with an Aussie flag - long story but I said joing up cos that was close enough for me and we needed the points! Of course I am the ultimate winner having by far the most deaths, and combined with NFS we positively pwnt you guys.. so there...smarty bums..bah!

Here are the full stats for your viewing pleasure (note you need at least 50 kills to qualify and 30 deaths for death ave category):


May 16, 2010 - Oxymoron (Silent Oxy?)... :

With a few days to go in the reset, our humble revived squad is currently 700 odd points (in 5th place) behind Alpha Noob in total Squad Points, and 4th in the Average kill bounty category (we are either too crap or don't have enough players to make any of the other categories work!). So go get some points and we'll have a couple of 4th's at least. As Meatloaf says, 2 outta 5 places ain't bad.. Or something like that! You can check out our current standings at Chaos Stats Page.

NFS has been quite active after his hiatus and captured the following screenshot, which I have entitled Oxymoron. By the way Nude, your screenshots suck - are you playing on an iPhone ? Sheeesh. Nude has also started a facebook group called Refugees of Alpha West so if you're interested. Onya Nude!


May 13, 2010 - AUS$IES Kickin' it... :

Maybe we can take #2 on AVE if you blokes shoot at big numbers!


May 11, 2010 - Welcome Back Nude! :

I could hardly believe my eyes when I jumped into Chaos yesterday - AUS$IES long lost son, Nude for Satan was fumbling about trying to remember his masterful command of a small warbird, in from the cold. A sight for sore eyes, and his cheerful poking fun at the inhabitants has been missed! I was so shocked I forgot to even take a screenshot to commemorate this auspicious (suspicious ?) occasion... Good to see ya again mate!

Edit +1 Day - A lovely pic is below of four lone AUS$IES eventually finding each other in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike (We should have left a trail of M&M's for Slurry - geeez, someone get him a Melways). OK, after undefeated and midnight wore out heir e,z and g,d keys trash talking us with their apparent ease of our destruction, their house of cards came tumbing down to the tune of some AUS$IES surgical precision strikes. This double AUS$IES kill was classic, and the sounds of silence that followed were indeed...well, golden!


May 03, 2010 - AUS$IES Reign Supreme In Chaos! :

OK - so now that I have you attention, I need to qualify that some: We reign supreme if you call being 5th on the eligible squad average table being awesome.. Well, the good news is that I do! We're also 6th on points and have 6 players active this reset. But as I said to Dik today in Chaos, we're the funnest squad and considering we're still going after 4 years - that's bloody cool. It's not far into the reset though, so better grab that glory while we can! Chaos Zone has its own stats which tell you every imaginable statistic of how bad you suck - check it out at Chaos New Stats Page.

Nice work J.x. - that's showing them! Since we're on a roll - remember to look out for any AUS$IES and invite 'em over to throw another shrimp on the barbie!


April 26, 2010 - Chaos Resurection! :

AUS$IES have a new member - welcome to J.x. who confessed to being from Melbourne a while back. Given that his old squad wasn't really any more active than us, I asked him to join - we won't question J.x.'s sanity just yet, but a good player signing is always a bonus. Nice to see another Aussie flag flying about, just to annoy H.Boss and IronEaglesomenumberontheend. Welcome back to Dikamerica, who has spawned into Chaos a few times recently as well, when he's not serving up some brews - oh, sometimes when he is!

Also, updated some old links that were broken, and linked to Chaos Zone site, forums and stats instead of Alpha (as that no longer exists).


April 15, 2010 - It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It! :

Over 2 years since I last posted anything - the shoutbox died, so I needed to register another one (The old one was Nude's creation!). I found some old Alpha names at Maplestory Guild Pages, BlackSpathi, Lightbender, Chimpathon and PsyOps to name a few. I don't know much about MapleStory, but one day I might take a look. Nude, if you're out there somewhere, drop me a line mate!

PsyOps looks to be doing something Alpha-ish:, so check it out if you are game...

I mostly hang about Chaos when I get a chance to play these days. Fenrix and I sometimes stir up the locals, well H.Boss at least. There are some old Alpha names there too.


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